Leadership for Global Innovators

We introduce participants to the challenges of navigating business issues in China (especially for foreign firms) and equip them with a much-nuanced understanding of the current business issues as well as the cultural and historical background of today’s challenges.


China is already a formidable economic power and its influence will increase over time as China overtakes the U.S. to become the largest economy in the world. In this course, we introduce participants to the challenges of navigating business issues in China (especially for foreign firms) and equip them with a much-nuanced understanding of the current business issues as well as the cultural and historical background of today’s challenges. We will discuss how leaders can better hone their leadership skills in order to lead innovation in a world influenced by China. How do we lead innovative individuals, teams, and creative organizations? How do we effectively navigate cross-cultural negotiations with the Chinese? What do we need to watch out for disruptive new players emerging from China?

Who should attend:


Entrepreneurs who are expanding into the Chinese market and learning innovations in China


Multinational Company Executives who make business decisions and would like to strengthen or expand their businesses into the Chinese market


Investors who are interested in the opportunities in the global landscape

Goals and Objectives

Focused on business leadership, innovation and inter-cultural collaboration, this course is designed to help students to better understand business practices, environment, and cultures in China as well as innovations and areas of opportunity related to leadership and strategy. Students completing this course will be exposed to the myriad of skills necessary to ramp up their personal and professional leadership strategies to best navigate the complexities of doing business with and in China and gain other key skills specific to their role or desired role.

Our vision
  • Political, institutional, and financial contexts within which business activities unfold and to which leaders must work and adapt;


  • Best practices in individual leadership and strategic teaming in cross-cultural contexts, as well as individual and corporate approaches to help understand and manage a constantly changing, complex, and competitive global environment; and,


  • Implications of regional and global factors in shaping opportunities and constraints on businesses in China as well as the impact of Chinese business on international markets.

Program Curriculum

  • Negotiate with the Chinese (3.0 hours)

China is now a formidable global presence. Doing business with the Chinese requires you to be well versed in the cultural etiquette in a business and professional setting. We will review the cultural and historical roots of the modern Business Chinese psyche and suggest ways to effective lead and navigate complex cross cultural negotiations.

  • Leading Successful Cross Border Deals (3.0 hours)

Mergers and acquisitions are one of the most important corporate strategies and yet more than 80% of them fail to achieve their goals. One of the key reasons is the incompatibility of corporate cultures. As China hits record high M&A investments in western firms, it is increasingly critical that managers (both Chinese and Western) master the art of cultural integration.

  • Leading Innovative Individuals and Teams (3.0 hours)

How do leaders encourage/foster creativity? What makes an innovative team

  • Leading Innovative Organizations (3.0 hours)

How do leaders lead innovative organizations? What issues do we need to bear in mind?

  • China’s Economic Miracle, Current State and Future Trends (3.0 hours)
  • Innovation in China (3.0 hours)

How did China achieve three decades of 10 percent annual growth? How is China’s financial system structured? What is behind China’s housing market price increases? Can China’s factories compete as wages increases? What demographic, environmental, social, and legal challenges does China face today?

Fee & Discount

  • Fee:$4,950 (includes course, student materials, select follow-up events)



Earned degree at BA level or above, or equivalent employment experience in business management and leadership position(s) and completion of approved secondary education.


Online Classroom, including interactive lectures, discussions, and group works and breakout discussions.
Zoom will be the primary platform through which classes will be taught.


A course packet with a book (or books), as well as published articles, white papers, and case studies will be shipped or emailed to students before the course start.
A computer with Zoom installed.

Selected Faculty

Henry Cao

Professor of Finance and Chair of Finance Department

PhDs, UCLA and Yale

Areas of Expertise:

Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance, Cryptocurrencies, Hedge Funds and Alternative Investments, Microstructure, Options Pricing, International Finance

Dr. Cao earned a PhD in Finance in 1995 from UCLA and a PhD in Pathology in 1991 from Yale University. In 2016, he was on the list of “China’s Most Cited Researchers” unveiled by Elsevier, the world’s famous provider of scientific, technical, and medical information.

Before joining CKGSB, he taught at UC Berkeley, UCSD, Ohio State University, Carnegie Mellon and UNC Chapel Hill. Cao’s research has been published in journals including Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Business, Review of Finance and Marketing Science. Cao is the co-editor of International Financial Review and sits on the editorial board of Annals of Economics and Finance and China Financial Review. Cao has been speaking about blockchain technology globally, his speech topics include “A New Paradigm of Blockchain”, “The Parallel World on Blockchian” etc.

Baohong Sun

Dean's Distinguished Chair Professor of Marketing

Director of the CIM Center

Associate Dean for CKGSB Americas and Global Programs
PhD, University of Southern California

Areas of Expertise:

Big Data Marketing, Consumer Behavior and Trends, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Branding and Marketing, Dynamic Structural Models and Interactive Marketing Mix, E-commerce, Pricing Strategy, Social Commerce

Professor Sun Baohong is the Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of Marketing and the Associate Dean for CKGSB Americas. She also directs CKGSB’s Customer Information Management Center. Prior to joining CKGSB in 2011, Professor Sun was Carnegie Bosch Professor of Marketing at the Tepper School of Business of Carnegie Mellon University. Professor Sun received her PhD from the University of Southern California in 1997 and BA from Renmin University of China.

Teng Bingsheng

Professor of Strategic Management
Associate Dean for Asia and Europe
PhD, City University of New York

Areas of Expertise:

Chinese Firms' Global Strategies, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, M&A, Strategic Alliances, Strategic Management

Teng Bingsheng is Professor of Strategic Management at CKGSB and the Associate Dean for CKGSB Europe and Asia. He formerly served as a tenured Professor of Strategic Management at George Washington University (GWU), where he was a doctoral advisor and lead professor of the departmental doctoral program.

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