Leslie Young

Professor of Economics
D. Phil. (Mathematics) Oxford, England

Areas of Expertise:

Corporate Governance, Financial Economics, International & Development Economics, International Finance

Prof. Leslie Young holds a Bachelor and a Master of Science from Victoria University of Wellington and a Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics from University of Oxford. He completed his doctorate at age 20 and won a Senior Mathematics Prize for the best dissertation of his year. He received an Honorary Doctor of Commerce from Victoria University of Wellington in 2004 and an Honorary Doctorate from the Estonian School of Business in 2009. Prof. Young served as Professor of Finance and Economics at University of Texas at Austin and Wei Lun Professor of Finance at the Chinese University of Hong Kong before he joined CKGSB.

Prof. Young’s current research interests include international financial economics, political economy and international corporate governance. His book Black Hole Tariffs and Endogenous Redistribution Theory was published by the Cambridge University Press with commendations by two Nobel Prize winners and by the Chairman of the Nobel Committee. He has also authored over 40 academic articles in leading international professional journals. Prof. Young also served an unprecedented four terms on the editorial board of the American Economic Review, the leading scholarly journal in economics.

  • DBA
  • EE
  • EMBA
  • English MBA
  • Commonwealth Scholar, 1969-1971. (Also six other scholarships in New Zealand national competitions).
  • Oxford University Senior Mathematics Prize (For the best doctoral dissertation in mathematics in 1971. The dissertation was completed at age twenty.)
  • Junior Research Fellowship, Oxford University, 1971.
  • P.W.S. Andrews Prize in Industrial Economics, 1979 (For the best article submitted to the Journal of Industrial Economics by an author under 30 that year.)
  • Award for Research Excellence, Graduate School of Business, University of Texas at Austin, 1986.
  • Honorary Doctor of Commerce, Victoria University of Wellington, 2004.
Selected Publications
  1. Black Hole Tariffs and Endogenous Redistribution Theory(with S. P. Magee and W. A. Brock, Cambridge University Press), 1990.
  2. The Hong Kong Securities Industry (3rd edition), with R. Chiang (Official Manual for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Broker’s Examination)1997.
  3. The Financial Markets of China (with H. Mok), Chinese University Press, 1997.
Journal Articles
  1. “Alternative Tax Systems to Correct for Externalities and the Technical Options of Firms,” Economica, 1977.
  2. “Price, Inventory and the Structure of Uncertain Demand,” New Zealand Operations Research, 
  3. “Uncertainty, Market Structure and Resource Allocation,” Oxford Economic Papers, 
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  40. “Dividends and Expropriation”, (with Mara Faccio and Larry Lang) American Economic Review, 2001
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  44. “Cognitive and Linguistic Foundations of Chinese History”, forthcoming, Pacific Economic Review.
Papers Under Review
  1. “Trade and Contract Enforcement”, with James E. Anderson
  2. “The Canadian Puzzle”, with Yoser Gadhoum and Larry Lang
  3. “Debt and Expropriation”, with Mara Faccio and Larry Lang