Christina Fang

Professor of Management

PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Areas of Expertise:

Behavioral Strategy, Decision Making for Managers, Discovery of Strategic Opportunities, Moneyball Strategies, Network Structure and Firm Performance, Strategic Negotiations

Dr. Christina Fang is a Professor of Management and earned a PhD in Strategy in 2003 from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in 2003. Before joining CKGSB, Professor Fang taught at New York University.

Building on ideas of learning from a variety of disciplines such as artificial intelligence, behavioral decision making as well as evolutionary theories, Dr Fang studies how firms discover unusual strategic opportunities by thinking differently and innovating dynamically over time. She has published in leading academic journals including Organization Science, Management Science, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science. She is also one of the founding members of the Behavioral Strategy interest group at the Strategic Management Society.

  • EMBA
  • English MBA
  • EE
  • Chinese MBA
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