Aug 13
CKGSB Americas: Update on Washington

About the event US-China Trade and Business Relations are a key focal point as the world works towards an economic recovery post COVID19. The trade and investment frictions that have appeared so prominently in 2020 have of course been exacerbated by the coronavirus.

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May 27
FinTech after COVID19


About the event The world economy is currently undergoing far-reaching digital transformation and a crucial element of this is the research, development, and government-sanctioned use of blockchain technology. With the launch of BSN (Blockchain-based Services Network), a major official initiative lead by President Xi, China is the

May 7
The Era of Chinese Multinationals


About the event This webinar is based on Lourdes Casanova and Anne Miroux’s new book in 2019 “The Era of Chinese Multinationals: How Chinese Companies Are Conquering the World”. Chinese multinationals have grown in size and increased their global presence