Apr 27
Real Estate Trends And Prospects: Covid-19'S Aftermath


The pandemic has negatively affected all classes of real estate, especially the commercial market. With accelerated use of technology in the commercial real estate industry, most of the workforce moved to remote work, communications converted to online channels and tours

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Nov 17
CKGSB Americas: Update on Washington - Post US Election

Join us for an insightful dialogue post the US election on how the US and Chinese businesses can best navigate the new challenges to achieve success in the face of the deteriorating Sino-US relations and the global pandemic.  Will there

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Aug 13
CKGSB Americas: Update on Washington

US-China Trade and Business Relations are a key focal point as the world works towards an economic recovery post COVID19. The trade and investment frictions that have appeared so prominently in 2020 have of course been exacerbated by the coronavirus. Our discussants will

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