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Global Leadership and Innovation Management
for the world’s most well-respected C-suite executives

Module 01

Economic disruption & social innovation

Understand China and Discover Collaboration Opportunities

Social Innovation & Sustainability

Evaluate practices, technologies and systems that can bring sustainable solutions to communities and organizations. Develop an understanding on policies, financial models that support international sustainable development.

Collaborating with an Innovative China

Gain critical insights on the ever-changing US-China relations and root causes of the current US-China trade friction. Discuss with global thought leaders and practitioners on how to best position your business for upcoming challenges.

Target Audience:
  • Retail Executives
  • CEOs and Entrepreneurs
  • Agency Executives
Past and Present Partners:
  • UC Berkeley
Module 02

Asia Immersion

Learn from and Work with Chinese Innovation Titans

Doing Business with a Changing China

Educate global executives about China, including culture, its influence on globalization, business model innovation and more. Enrich students with concepts that are critical to business success in China as one of the largest consumer markets in the world.

Experiencing Innovation in China

Gain hands-on experience on the technology innovation in China, including cashless payment, facial recognition, big data, social networking, new retail and more. Strategize your company’s innovation roadmap.

Target Audience:
  • Global CEOs
  • Politicians / Policy Makers
Past and Present Partners:
  • WPP
Module 03

Business strategy in the digital era

Strategize the Future of Corporates Technological Innovation

Global Branding & in the Digital Era

Elevate brand presence through digital marketing. those in marketing theories and best practices strengthen corporate brand Use emerging technologies retain consumers, including data and digital retail

Business Application Learning and AI

Understand how machine (ML) and artificial intelligence benefit your business. techniques and resources what’s unknown to what deliver tremendous impact organization.

Target Audience:
  • Global MNCs Executives
  • CEOs

Past and Present Partners:
  • WPP
  • Yale School of Management
  • University of Souther California

Module 04

Unicorns & idea breakthrough

Transform Business Models during the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Technology & Business Model Innovation

Utilize innovation in all industries, not only in new tech companies. Business model innovations are significantly more impactful, compared to technical renewals. Changes in customer behavior, globalization and technological innovations are creating a new “window of opportunity”.best position your business for upcoming challenges.


Gain the most trustworthy insight on the newest development in the finance industry. Help companies make rational decisions on the newest technological trends.

Target Audience:
  • Entrepreneurs & Investors
  • Incubators & Accelerators
Past and Present Partners:
  • UC Berkeley
Module 05

Millennial Leadership

Lead the Innovation in the Global Business Landscape

Leadership for Global Innovators

Discover how leaders can better improve their leadership skills in order to lead innovation in a world influenced by China. Understand best business practices, environment and cultures in China, as well as innovations and areas of opportunity related to leadership and strategy.

Business Management for Technology-Driven Entrepreneurs

Build a solid theoretical foundation and obtain practical knowledge of technology-driven entrepreneurship management by studying the history and evolution of technology-driven ventures, the implications of disruptive technologies and key features of information-rich innovations.

Target Audience:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Second-Generation Leaders
Past and Present Partners:
  • Cornell University SC Johnson School of Business

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