Global innovation: lead in an shaping the emerging new normal after COVID19

Join the CKGSB Americas global innovation consortium of non-competing firms & companies

  • What are the global trends major challenges and best opportunities for transformation in your industry over the next five years?
  • Should your investment posture be the same in China / Asia as in other global markets?
  • How can you / your business access China and other Asian markets without being there?
  • What are the key signs of the emergence of a new normal?
  • How will global supply chains evolve in the next five years?
  • How is your Board emphasis on sustainability affect your business in China and other Asian markets?


Lead effectively
and reach your
global goals
Gain new global
Promote and
strengthen your
brand in global
Increase growth
and revenues
Manage risk

Who Should Attend: Non-competing firms and companies

Consortium Member Gets:

(over 12 months)

Five-Day Immersion
Program (1 in China/Asia & 1 in the US)

Deep-dive & experiential learning about China/Asia offered in two five-day programs in China/Asia and the US.

One-Day Custom Briefing at Location of Your Choice for 10 Executives

One-day custom training organized around one of your key innovation challenges

Innovation Intervention Project

A project of strategic importance to your company is jointly conceived and worked on together by a company chosen leader and faculty coach

Access to Faculty for Special Lunches and Meetings

Our world-leading faculty are your strategic advisors to innovation and global market outreach

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