CKGSB Publishes Book on 10 Top Chinese Companies and How Their Transformation is Changing the Economy

September, 29, 2019

With intensifying trade tensions and slowing GDP growth, China is transforming itself to meet the challenges ahead. With this in mind, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)—China’s leading independent business school—and Earnshaw Books have published, China in Transition: 10 Case Studies of Chinese Companies Breaking the Mold, a book that explores China’s most successful private businesses, how they are embracing change and creating new business models for the future. It is, after all, these private businesses that have helped propel the country into the position of a leading world economy.

Companies around the world are increasingly interested in the best practices of China’s home grown champions. Utilizing its extensive network of influential business leaders as well as its academic expertise, CKGSB’s Case Study Center examines the concepts and principles of the companies that are driving China’s growth and, in turn, changing the way business is done around the world. These studies provide a corporate perspective on key trends in China’s economy and a view on what is coming next. The book launch took place on 24 September, 2019 at CKGSB’s Shanghai campus, with close to 150 guests who attended for an afternoon of engaging talks and dialogues below distinguished guests and professors.

“For decades, business students in China studied the best practices embodied in case studies of iconic Western companies,” says Li Wei, CKGSB’s Professor of Economics, Director of the Case Center and Academic Dean of MBA. “This is still true to an extent, and will likely remain so for years to come, but as Chinese firms start to globalize, the rest of the world will need to understand the ambitious transformations taking place in order to compete.”

At the launch event, CKGSB’s professors engaged in candid dialogues with executives from Tujia, Haier, Adrea and The Economist Corporate Network. Tujia-Sweetome’s Vice President Ren Jiao shared insights into China’s homestay market, noting that only 5% of Chinese tourists will stay in Airbnb-type accommodation, compared to 35% in the US and UK, indicating that there is still room to grow in this industry. Haier’s Brand General Manager, Xu Zhibo talked about upgrading the company through the use of digital technology with Professor of Marketing Li Yang. Pan Jiangxue, Founder of Adream, shared how China’s philanthropy is evolving by adapting a business mindset and Professor Teng Bingsheng gave a presentation on how multinationals should adapt their China strategy to the country’s changing landscape.

The event was a great success and gave the business community in Shanghai the opportunity to network with each other. Since its foundation in 2002, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business has been an active participant in China’s economic transition by educating a new generation of private entrepreneurs, who in total run 25% of China’s most valuable brands.

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