CKGSB Americas

Our Mission

  • To Develop Global Executives
  • To Share China and Asia Insights with
    the rest of the world
  • To cultivate business leaders with a
    global vision, a humanistic spirit, a
    strong sense of social responsibility
    and an innovative mind-set

CKGSB Americas

CKGSB Americas is a leading global business school widely recognized for its success in preparing business leaders for doing business in China and Asia. Its full-time resident faculty, many of whom previously held departmental chairs and tenured positions at top business schools in the US, generate unique insights that enable organizations to develop new global perspectives and an increased capacity to become truly innovative. CKGSB Americas, based in New York, has taught executives from North and South America for more than eight years.

Our vision

Our Vision

CKGSB Americas has established a global platform to create and disseminate knowledge on China and Asia in an East-to-West fashion to serve Western multinational enterprises in their efforts to expand into this complex emerging market.

Our Approach


CKGSB Americas is recognized as one of the leading global business schools for its success in facilitating top-level exchange between businesses, academics, nonprofit and government sectors around the world. CKGSB Americas works with leading universities and MNCs to serve business leaders with the best management education available.

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