CKGSB Alumni’s Contributions Towards Alleviating the Coronavirus

February, 19, 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has presented significant challenges to both China and the global community. Fundamental to the core of CKGSB’s mission to cultivate transformative business leaders with a strong sense of social responsibility who strive for social and global good, the CKGSB community has come together to provide and gather support for those affected by the Coronavirus outbreak in the following ways to date:

  • Nearly RMB 4.0 billion (USD 571 million) donated in money and goods from companies headed by CKGSB alumni;
  • Over RMB 16 million (USD 2.28 million) in donations by CKGSB’s alumni and student community, including medical equipment, medicine and protective devices;
  • 4 million masks donated by our alumni and their companies;
  • 5 million pairs of medical gloves donated by our alumni and their companies;
  • 250,000 protective units donated by our alumni and their companies;
  • 50,000 goggles donated by our alumni and their companies;
  • CKGSB’s Hubei Alumni Association have purchased RMB 8.59 million (USD 1,226,000) worth of masks, goggles and protective suits for hospitals and people in the Hubei Province.
  • 400 hospital beds provided for affected patients at CKGSB alumna headed, Yaxin Hospital in Wuhan.
  • 1004 portable battery-powered generators donated by an alumni company to temporary hospitals in Wuhan.